A Question about the "Lessons Learned Journal"

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A Question about the "Lessons Learned Journal"

Post by jrashaad » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:26 pm

So in the last portion of Lesson 2, Brian introduces the "Lessons Learned Journal." I agree with him that utilizing the journal would probably raise your MCAT score because you would be able to spot "trends" that need to be addressed and possibly corrected. However, it is introduced during the CARS section and there isn't really any indication that it is suggested for the other 4 sections. I assume that there is probably no harm in using the journal for the other sections, but conceptually is the LLJ really geared more for the CARS section?
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Re: A Question about the "Lessons Learned Journal"

Post by NS_Tutor_Andrew » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:16 pm

Hi jrashaad,

Excellent question! I would definitely recommend that you use your LLJ for questions from all sections of the exam, including the science questions. I'd also suggest keeping some notes about how you take the test, such as techniques for optimizing timing and things you can do to maintain the positive energy you need for the 7.5 hours of the full exam. Basically, anything that can be framed as a forward-facing way to improve can be included in the LLJ :).

Hope this helps, best of luck, and please feel free to keep asking questions :).
Andrew D.
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