E.O.C 4 Biochemistry

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E.O.C 4 Biochemistry

Post by haoquanyuan » Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:21 pm


Can someone go a little more in depth on question 2 in eoc 4 in biochemistry questions. The answer is 7 uM of the inhibitor but how can you get that from just looking at the graph?

Thank you!
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Re: E.O.C 4 Biochemistry

Post by NS_Tutor_Mathias » Tue Feb 18, 2020 1:51 pm

You follow the plot to 50% activity, check the value on the x axis and determine that it is somewhat less than 10 uM but significantly more than 1 uM.

You do not have be able to tell the difference between 6 and 8, or even 5 and 9. Just get a good estimate.

As a small aside: This is a semi-log scale, in that the x-axis is logarithmic. Unfortunately, for clarity's sake, the numbers under the hashmarks are those of the linear scale. This makes these concentrations much easier to read directly off the graph, but is a little inconsistent.
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