study group for MCAT August 2018

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study group for MCAT August 2018

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I'm Ashley, a non-traditional applicant looking for a study group. I am taking the MCAT for the 3rd time and looking for some study partners. Below is a little bit about myself, my ideal group meeting times, my strengths and weakness, and any other random information. Have a question, please ask me. Thanks in advance yall.

Name: Ashley
Location: Rhode Island
Occupation: Forensic Drug Chemist
Ideal Meet Time and Location: Saturdays and Sundays work best. Can also meet during the week but after 6pm. GChat group chat functions are the best for me because of their multiple user document editing features. I used to have Skype, could never get it to work.
Strengths: I taught high school chemistry for a bit so I believe I have a good basic knowledge of gen chem. Verbal reasoning is also one of my strengths.
Weaknesses: I finished undergrad before the heavy emphasis on Psych and Sociology so will need help on those. Also, physics makes me cry.
My learning style: I am a visual learner. I draw diagrams. I watch videos. I talk out loud to myself. I write notes in my books. Anything that requires me to actively commit to the material even if it means it takes more time.

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