IMPORTANT: Approach during my last 2 weeks before my Exam

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IMPORTANT: Approach during my last 2 weeks before my Exam

Post by lotus0618 » Sun Jul 19, 2020 2:49 pm


My common errors are missing the clue/key info from the passage required to answer questions and NOT choosing the answer that TRULY answers the question (for example, I often narrowed down to 2 answers and always picked the wrong one because I didn't pick up a cue in the question stem that STRESSES an important factor that must be included in the answer) in the psychology section (my non-AAMC FL and AAMC Fl sub-section scores have been consistent around 127-124-128(or127)-126)

I know all the terms for psychology terms. Many people suggested me to read the 86-page Khan academy notes because they increased their scores by a few points. However, I know if I can improve those listed above common errors, I can increase my overall score by a few points. For the remaining 2 weeks, would you suggest me to do more practice tests to hone down those skills (since those skills can only be improved by practicing more tests) or slow down on practicing and focusing on going over the psychology notes?
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Re: IMPORTANT: Approach during my last 2 weeks before my Exam

Post by NS_Tutor_Nancy » Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:58 pm


So getting down to the wire in the last couple weeks, I would recommend slowing down on full lengths. Maybe take two more (at most) in your second to last week. Then in your last week, don't take any at all! It is a long tiring process to do a full length and you don't want to burn yourself out for test day by doing practices all week long. You also want to make sure you actually have time to go over any full length you take and really get the most out of that practice experience. In these last couple weeks, transitioning to more review of notes on areas you know are difficult for you one more time before the exam can be beneficial. As far as your specific issue, knowing your problem is the first step to correcting it! I'd recommend that when you get down to two answers and you are having trouble picking one, re-read the question stem to see if it causes you to lean one way or the other. This can help you pick up on a key word you may have missed.

I hope this helps!
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