General Question about MCAT improvement

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General Question about MCAT improvement

Post by juliaf2016 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 11:12 pm

Hi! I had a question that im sure doesnt have a clear cut answer but I just was hoping for a little bit of clarity! I am shooting for a 520 on my MCAT (taking it in middle of august) I started at a 503 on my diagnostic and am now at a 508 after about a month and a half of studying. I dont feel like im doing very well or improving. what kind of improvement should I be shooting for on my FL practice tests and at what point should I think about postponing my testing/ changing my studying style
Thanks for the help!!!
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Re: General Question about MCAT improvement

Post by NS_Tutor_Nancy » Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:06 pm

Hey Julia!

So there are certainly a lot of factors to consider. In general I recommend at least a 3 month study period before the MCAT, and if only doing 3 months it should be a pretty intense 3 months where you're able to commit time every day. If this is your first full length since the diagnostic and you got a 508, that's not too bad! In general people improve as they take more full lengths because they get used to the pacing, they get used to the length so they don't burn out, and you learn from previous full lengths what your weak areas are so you can strengthen them. Also, if you are taking a full length before actually finishing content review (which isn't a bad thing), you likely won't do as well as you will end up doing just because you haven't actually gone through all the material yet. Which full length you are taking also makes a difference. In general, you should save AAMC full lengths so they are the last ones you do before your test because they are the closest to the actual thing. If you are taking Next Step/Blueprint tests or Kaplan tests or some other test company's tests, students typically find these slightly more difficult and see a little score bump when they switch to AAMC tests. If you just got a 508 and this is your 3rd or 4th full length practice and you are mostly done with content review, then it might be a good idea to reassess your study style and possibly push the test back if the 520 is really important to you. Also make sure to really invest time in going over your full length after the fact to really understand the mistakes you made so you don't make them on the real thing.

I hope this helps!
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