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When a Qstem mentions gene expression should I instantly think of translation or transcription? And why wouldn't Southern Blotting be used to analyze gene expression if all protein initially starts from DNA?
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Re: Clarification

Post by NS_Tutor_Yuqi » Fri Jun 26, 2020 7:52 pm

Your mind should automatically consider transcription and translation, as well as how each of those processes are regulated. However, it's always important to consider the context provided by the passage and question to determine exactly what the question is asking.

Southern blotting often is used to detect specific DNA sequences. However, it may not be used to analyze gene expression since analyzing the DNA itself will not give you any information about its expression. In order to analyze gene expression, you will have to study the products of transcription and translation, such as RNA and proteins. Another way to think of this is that although all cells in our body contain the same DNA, they still serve different purposes due to differences in gene expression. Therefore, looking at the DNA itself will not be helpful.
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