Question about Exam date

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Question about Exam date

Post by ragtaguzoo » Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:37 pm


I just wanted to get your advice. I'm scheduled for June 27th for the MCAT. I recently took the AAMC FL #1 and got a 498. So I'm thinking I should reschedule for one of the July dates. Because I don't think it will be feasible to increase to at least a 510 by June 27th? Also, if switch to the July dates I will get my scores by August. I'm not sure if getting my scores back in August would hurt my application chances or how late I will be in cycle, since interviews usually start in September? My only concern is that I will take the exam in June 27th and get a bad score. Thanks.
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Re: Question about Exam date

Post by NS_Tutor_Nancy » Wed Jun 03, 2020 8:13 pm

Figuring out when to take the MCAT is always a tough decision with multiple factors. With regards to your recent 498 on a practice AAMC FL, if you feel that was a good representation of your test taking (meaning you were fully focused throughout, your dog didn't start barking or you had to deal with a neighbor at the door or something in the middle that may have impacted the score) then I would recommend moving the test date back a bit based on your goal score. Trying to move from a 498 to a 510 will take serious dedication to your study plan and even if you are extremely dedicated, would likely take more time than just a few weeks. If you're applying this cycle, since medical school admissions are rolling, it is certainly always best to get your application in as soon as possible to put your best foot forward. However, getting a score of let's say 501 in July will likely hurt your application a lot more than getting a score of let's say 510 in August if you put a lot of work in. If you feel like there were circumstances during this full length that might not make the score fully representative of your abilities, I'd recommend taking another FL with conditions as close to testing conditions as possible and then evaluate moving your test date based on that score. I hope this helps, and good luck!
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