Taking Full Length Exams Twice

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Taking Full Length Exams Twice

Post by mcardeiro » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:31 pm


I know this question may be difficult to answer, but I was just wondering about the reliability of your score after taking a full length exam for the second time. I have taken the 3 NS full length test and (so far) the first two AAMC full length test, and I have improved scores on all of them after taking it the second time. I scored particularly higher on the second AAMC FL test where I went from a 502 (126,123,126,126) taken on 1/4/18 to a 513 (129,125,129,130) taken on 9/3/18. Because I took the exam about 8 months apart and also taken around 10 other FL practice exams since then, I did not feel like I remembered or benefited from any of the prior exposure to the passages or questions/answers (although I may have subconsciously). Should I take this second score with caution or is it fairly predictive? I know the AAMC FL tests are the most predictive practice exam, but I do not want to give myself a false or skewed sense of performance.

Sorry for the long question and explanation. I appreciate any and all opinions and feedback!
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Re: Taking Full Length Exams Twice

Post by NS_Tutor_Phil » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:20 pm

First off -> Congrats!
If it has been 8 months, I would tend to agree that it haven seen the stuff before probably didn't make much difference. I would take it with a little bit of salt, but still, that's a great improvement.
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