General question on scores

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General question on scores

Post by ma986 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:58 am


I am a few weeks away from my MCAT and my best day ever score is where I would like it to be, but my practice exams aren't reflecting my best day ever score. I am reaching my target score for each individual section, but I am not scoring them all at the same time-- which causes my score on my FL to be lower than my best day ever score.

I know I'm capable of getting my best day ever score, and it isn't just due to "chance". For example, one week i'll score 128/122/127/125 and then in another full length I would score 125/126/128/129 and it varies throughout my FLs (not my actual scores, just wanted to show the fluctuation). I've taken more than a handful of full lengths.

Is there something I could do that would increase my chances in getting my best score on all sections in one exam? Am I missing something that needs tweaking in my study schedule and/or approach to Full lengths?

Any help would be great!


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Re: General question on scores

Post by NS_Tutor_Alex » Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:16 pm

Hi ma986,

Thank you for the question. When you average your last 2-3 full lengths, you can reliably expect to score +/- 1 or 2 points in each section. In order to increase your chances of improvements for test day, you'll need to identify what your weaknesses are. Is it content or strategy related? Are you struggling with time for any of the sections? With my students, I find that content weaknesses are the usual culprit until they are consistently scoring in the 127 area. After this, the next plateau is typically time allocation and identifying question styles that are taking you too much time. Of course, the absolute best way to make improvements is to thoroughly review each and every passage that you do and add to your lessons learned journal. It's not about how many FL's you take, it's all about how you review the ones you do!

I hope that helps, if you're looking for more personalized and individual help you may want to look into tutoring with one of us!

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