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Hello everyone! Here are some frequently asked questions about our course and other resources. Feel free to reach out on this thread with any other questions that you might have!

Q: Can I change the study plan after it's been generated?

A: Yes! You can go back and build a new study plan if there have been changes in your exam timing or any of the other parameters that you input. The system will remember what resources you've completed and clearly indicate what you've already done with a strikethrough.

Q: How should I use the PCAT Diagnostic to help get started?

A: Review the PCAT Diagnostic carefully to identify strengths and weaknesses in terms of both content and strategy. Think about how you took the test (that is, how you read passages, how you approached questions, how you used passage-based versus content knowledge). You'll get more out of the strategy discussions in the first few lessons of the course if you already have a sense of what you've been doing and what has or hasn't been working.

Q: What are Section Exams?

A: We've made our Full Length exams available to course students broken down by sections so that you can attempt each section separately. The reason for this is that by the time students have taken a few practice exams, they may have identified areas that they need specific practice in—so if you really need to do more Chemical Processes practice, for instance, but aren't as worried about Critical Reading and don't feel the need to get more practice with 4 hours of testing at a time, you could just take a few Chemical Processes sections.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for Office Hours?

A: As much as you have time for! Especially for passage-based office hours, like Critical Reading Strategy and Practice, it can't hurt to do some prep work ahead of time. You can download the handouts from the Office Hours Recordings tab under "Resources" on the course website—just scroll down past the recordings and you'll see them. However, if you don't have time to prepare, you're still welcome! If you can't make the starting time, you're also welcome to drop in at any time during the session. Regardless of any scheduling issues you're facing, we'd love for you to drop by and ask questions!

Q: How can I get in touch with Next Step if I have a question?

A: Well, one step would be to leave a comment on this thread! More generally, you're welcome to post on the forums, which we monitor closely to ensure that a Next Step faculty member will answer your question promptly. Additionally, you can come to Office Hours with questions that you might have. You can also email pcat@nextsteptestprep.com, and in the course website, if you click on the "Need Help?" button in the upper right, you'll see some other options for sending us a question.

We hope these are helpful! Again, if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out in this thread :). Best of luck!!
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