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Leaving OCHEM II lab for after the application

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:23 pm
by LootenPlunder
I am studying for the MCAT and signed up to take OCHEM II, Lab, and Biochem this spring. A friend who just finished med school suggested I wait on OCHEM II Lab in order to have more time to focus on everything else. He'd mentioned that adcoms won't really care that I postponed as long as it's finished before I matriculate and my other class performance remains strong.

Has anyone else chosen to postpone a pre-requisite like this? I'm curious everyone's thoughts.

Re: Leaving OCHEM II lab for after the application

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 2:57 pm
by NS_Tutor_Andrew
Hi LootenPlunder,

I always want to be a little careful w/ these things b/c I'm not an admissions counselor, etc., but I do know people who have done something similar and had it work out. When in doubt, it's always possible to call schools' admissions offices (although this could get tiring depending on how many you're planning on applying to), and I would definitely also encourage you to check in with a premed advisor if you have one.

Best of luck!! (& Happy New Year!)