AAMC Bio Q Pack Vol 1 Q 35

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AAMC Bio Q Pack Vol 1 Q 35

Post by franziamartin » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:33 pm

Good afternoon everyone! Can anyone explain why increased urine production would be the result of an increase in blood pressure caused by adrenaline? i thought that adrenaline would be linked to the sympathetic response which would reduce the likelihood of having to go to the bathroom due to fight or flights effects on digestion so i got this question wrong.
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Re: AAMC Bio Q Pack Vol 1 Q 35

Post by NS_Tutor_Mathias » Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:43 pm

An increase in blood pressure will increase glomerular filtration rate, which produces filtrate and subsequently urine. That is the primary driver of increased urine volume.

That only means this urine is stored in the bladder though, that does not mean you immediately need to relieve yourself.
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