AAMC CARS Volume #1 Passage 11 Q70

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AAMC CARS Volume #1 Passage 11 Q70

Post by ma986 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:13 pm


I got this question wrong and was wondering if what I wrote in my LLJ is correct.

Under lessons learned I wrote: " Recognize the central argument and having a variation of the central argument does not mean it supports it."

Is that right? I was in between A and B and I chose A in the end. I thought that it supported the central argument that everyone thinks for themselves regardless if the law tells them to. So i thought it supported it. Then the explanation said that it is just a variation of the argument already stated in the passage.

So does that mean that a variation of a central argument does not necessarily support it?

I hope my question makes sense.

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Re: AAMC CARS Volume #1 Passage 11 Q70

Post by NS_Tutor_Andrew » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:27 pm

Hi Maria,

Thanks for reaching out with the excellent question! I think the best way here is to proceed step by step. First, let's identify the central argument. I'd modify it just a little bit from how you phrased it -- maybe something like "each person is responsible for their moral decisions, regardless of the law" (although I think your summary will do the trick too). Let's then summarize the scenario presented in the question: "people happen to think that it's beneficial to act in the way that the law requires." When we step back and summarize the question this way, it may be easier to see why it doesn't really affect the main argument.

It sounds like you might be being thrown by the language in the explanation here too. Note that it says that at most this new information is just a variation on the theme. That means that the "variation on a theme" interpretation is the most generous possible interpretation of how relevant the example is -- in reality, it's probably not even that relevant.

My two cents is that the lesson to learn from this Q may be to approach questions like this by stepping back and rephrasing the information in the Q stem in slightly different, somewhat more general terms, because that may help you see how the Q information is or isn't related to the author's main argument, without getting distracted by superficial overlap in the wording.

Hope this is helpful! Best of luck preparing and don't hesitate to reach out if you have other questions.
Andrew D.
Content Manager, Next Step Test Prep.
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