Kidney filtrate concentrations

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Kidney filtrate concentrations

Post by khadeja » Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:11 am

This question was triggered by the discrete q 15 in AAMC FL1:

as soon as the filtrate comes out of the glomerulus, doesn't it have extra solutes that are reabsorbed in the proximal tubule?
and during the loop of henle water is even added to the urine is it not?
That was my thinking pattern when I ended up choosing A instead of D though I know that the medullary region is the last region before the urine is excreted out.
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Re: Kidney filtrate concentrations

Post by NS_Tutor_Andrew » Tue Feb 27, 2018 4:47 pm

Hi khadeja,

I like this image of the nephron because it helps visualize a lot of material clearly and in a condensed manner. This one isn't bad either. Basically, the biggest difference between the PCT and DCT has to do w/ the amount of fluid rather than the concentration, and then the concentration keeps getting increased as you move from the cortical to the medullary parts of the collecting tubule.

Hope this helps!!!
Andrew D.
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