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Post by mgarc805 » Sat Aug 03, 2019 11:12 am

the first paragraph says:
the true meaning and nature of one stage is only fully revealed once the next stage has been reached.
suggesting that once in other to account for a stage of evolution it has to reach the next level. in the passage the author does account for 2 stages but then wouldn't that suggest that there has been 3 stages.

paragraph two starts by saying
One important advance was the development of a brain
suggesting that it is one of the stages but not the first so since that stage has been reached there is one stage accounted for. namely the one previous to the brain.

Then, the next paragraph says
Another distinct stage in this evolution is the advent of man and his faculty for discourse
which in terms will close the stage of evolution concerning the development of the brain, thus accounting for the second stage and lastly, the current stage or the one truncated by Socrates is the third stage.
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Re: NS FL 8 CARS Q25

Post by NS_Tutor_Mathias » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:48 pm

Hey, sorry to leave this out in the cold for a while - a little accident happened answering this the first time.

This is a type of ambiguity that can very well (albeit rarely) happen on the real CARS section too. There are 3 ways to read this:

1. How many stages are explicitly mentioned?
2. How many stages are implied?
3. If we define stages as the transitional period or the event of transition, how many stages are mentioned?

In justifying this question and answer, I would lean towards #1, although both approach #1 and approach #3 will get you to the same answer as the material. But #1 has a generalizable lesson: Go with the approach that involves the least rationalization, particularly when a question is asking you to directly reference evidence from a passage. The existence of at least one additional stage (pre-brain) is indeed implied, but the simplest and most direct answer is that only two stages are actually 'accounted for' in the sense that they are discussed. CARS differs from other sections in this respect in that you are strongly encouraged to not overthink situations like this.
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