MCAT Diagnostic, P/S, Q7

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MCAT Diagnostic, P/S, Q7

Post by NS_Tutor_Katelyn » Sun Aug 26, 2018 1:46 pm

A student reached out to ask us: "I was understanding that the passage stated that poor minority women prioritized the risk of AIDS relative to immediate survival needs: "They prioritize time and attention on the risk of AIDS relative to other concerns such as protecting their children, securing financial resources, and simply acquiring basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter." Is this not stating that these women prioritize survival needs lower than AIDS risk? Whereas the correct answer choice is stating the opposite, which would actually be following Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs."

The key here is that the passage never states that these women prioritize AIDS above basic survival, only that they prioritize the time they spend on AIDS relative to the time they spend on basic survival. This relative prioritization of time to different tasks based on their immediacy is a central concept to the Hierarchy of Needs.

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