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by staciai
Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:28 pm
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Topic: Ideal Gas Law Question
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Ideal Gas Law Question

At the bottom of pg. 102 in the Chemistry and Organic Chemistry review book (2017), the question is the following: "What would happen to the temperature of a gas if its volume were tripled and its pressure halved?" This question concerns the ideal gas law (PV=nRT), and the way I would thin...
by staciai
Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:55 am
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Topic: Taking Notes While Reading
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Taking Notes While Reading

Hello, I thought I would share some helpful tips that I received from NS tutor Clara concerning how to take notes while reading. If your notes are long and quite detailed, maybe this will help (esp. non-traditional students). Good luck! ---------------------------------------------------------------...
by staciai
Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:58 pm
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Topic: Prep for Medical School Acceptance 2018
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Re: Prep for Medical School Acceptance 2018


I am a non-traditional student and I plan on taking the MCAT in June 2018. I don't live in FL, but I would love to form a study group online. If you are still interested, I can be reached at

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